A Light Case of SRS

Thanks to Morgan for introducing me to the ailment that clearly afflictd me yesterday: Sucky Run Syndrome. I got up for a 5:30 morning run, and since I had until 7:00, figured I would do about 8 miles. Well, it was so frickin windy that it blew all my motivation away (not to mention blowing my ponytail completely out, not once, but TWICE) by mile 2. I ended up cutting it short at 5 miles.

So, since it was Tuesday and my morning run sucked, I decided that I must make it a Twice on Tuesday again and do a two-a-day with an evening run at the indoor track. That run was slightly better and significantly faster, and I ended up doing 25 minutes which was probably in the neighborhood of 3 miles. So, I ended up with my 8-miler after all. (And I would like to thank my hubs for being a good sport and letting me draft him around the track, which probably accounts for the speediness.)

In other news, I did have a very successful solo 14-miler last Saturday, probably my best long run (without running company) to-date. It was, of course, on my favorite Highline Canal Trail. Also, there are some great contests going on this week: Cross Country Squared and Red Head Running are each giving away $100 to Dick's; Runner Dude is giving away $50 to Running Warehouse. And finally, I have been off my regular allergy medicine for about a week now, and I think that is the major source to blame for my SRS and the tiredness that I've had all week, despite going to bed early. I'm not sick, but the misery of my allergies has got me all itchy, stuffy, sneezy and generally grumpy as a result. BUT, I go in for skin testing Friday morning, which will hopefully result in qualifying me for allergy SHOTS instead of daily medication for the rest of my life, as I have been doing for about 10 years now. And you better believe I will be packin a Zyrtec-D for the second the testing is over!


  1. LOL! I'm happy I wasn't the only one cursed with a serious case of SRS lately! :)

    Congrats on the great 14 miler, coincidentally my 14 miler 2 weeks ago was solo and I rocked it too! Gotta luv it when you rock a solo run like that!

    I hope the allergies clear up soon!!! :(

  2. You're right. What WAS up witht that wind yesterday? I think that I have been afflicted with SRS all of my life. LOL! Great run girl!

  3. Is there a Wikipedia about SRS? Cause there should be!

  4. I read about SRS at Morgan's site, too. Loving a good diagnosis, I now understand why I've NEVER had a good run - a chronic case of SRS. With that in mind, I'm off to the elliptical!

    BTW, love you mantra at the top. Peer pressure is a great motivator.

  5. I tried the top half of a 2-a-day today. Yeah, not so much. I tip my hat to you. :o)