Decompression Shorts

So I was in a little ongoing email conversation with a friend of mine, in which we were discussing one's need for individual "decompression time." And I responded with, "well, running is my decompression time...guess that's why I like the long runs so much...2 hours ALONE." And it hit me that this was really true. I am an only child, and have always been a little more on the independent side of the fence (you could call me a loner, but I don't really like to be alone all the time, it's more that I need time alone to recharge my batteries so I can enjoy being around people again).

Well, now that I have work--a job that is people-intensive--spouse, kids, dogs, organizations, kids' activities/sports, cleaning, cooking, laundry, groceries, etc. I don't get much time all to myself anymore. Yet, I don't need it any less. I just make-do with less. And it occurred to me that, though running IS an addictive drug, the Alone Time is the real whatfor that I've SO enjoyed adding distance to my running this year. It's the increased time alone! (yes, I too was in shock when this occurred to me...I always thought I ran for the t-shirts or medals. Or maybe even for the glamorous race pics. Yet there I stood, reeling at the contradiction this new truth presented.) The glorious, magnificent, heavenly, QUIET, time alone! I do run with buddies a bit, but the vast majority of my runs are solo. And I love that.

Perhpaps I should create my own home-made running clothing article...say, maybe some de-compression shorts to celebrate this breakthrough?

Perhaps my de-compression shorts might look a little something like this?

In non-running related news, I was in line to drop Shortie1 off at school this morning, when a mother approached with her school-age tyke trotting alongside, and another little one in a stroller. A (though she was clearly not a runner, it was a baby BOB, of course) stroller covered with mosquito netting and heavily-blanketed. A stay-at-home mom, of course she knows all the other stay-at-home-bunko-club-neighborhood-moms milling around (I'm not bitter though, do I sound bitter?!). Natch. And (as they tend to do) they then begin loudly discussing their little darlings. Hers have apparently been infected with H1N1 for the past two weeks, the smaller of the two (the mosquito-netted-and-blanketed one) further developing secondary infections. The bigger of the two, coughing and hacking like an emphysemic old hag. And standing in the kindergarten line with my Shortie. Awesome. Just one more thing for me to worry about.


  1. I really enjoy my alone time too! I love my family, but the only quiet time I have is when I am running.

    The shorts in the picture are killer.

  2. Hers have apparently been infected with H1N1 ... the smaller of the two ... further developing secondary infections. The bigger of the two, coughing and hacking like an emphysemic old hag ... standing in ... line with my Shortie

    ARE YOU EFFIN KIDDING ME, sister!?! What the flying f*ck is wrong with that stupid-@$$ parent. You should have pulled a Marcy and (say it with me) PUNCHED HER IN TEH FACE!1!

    I was one of 7 kids, myself, and I think that's why I like my alone time. I ALWAYS run alone, except in races, and even then I have the iPod turned up LOUD to create the illusion of being alone in my sonic cocoon. Most people creep me out - especially the ones with fake vajangoes.

    Present company excepted, sister.

    Where the hells did you get that pic? There's a lot going on there - the bozo hairdo, the suspenders, the he-she in the shorts - all of it WRONG WRONG WRONG.

    Unless it's you or your family. In which case ...


    Cute pic, sister!

  3. I can't wait for school to start.

    There, I said it.

    I need me some quality alone time!

  4. Most of the time I prefer running by myself because it's alllll about me! Don't you dare interrupt my run...or my shower. That is my safe haven.

  5. I'd have run up to her and sprayed that little virus-infested rugrat with Lysol! AHHHHH right in the face!

    (Again, this is why I don't have kids. :o)

  6. Hi! I found your website through Susan (nureseontherun). I have to say - I LOVE the alone time I get when running! I feel like it is the only "me time" I have! Of course, I have an injury now, and am stuck at home. I miss the runs. I miss clearing my head!

    - kilax

  7. I find that if I don't have time alone, I get cranky. I have always been this way. Having a demanding family was a hard time for me, alone wise, now that I look back. Reading is so important for me to recharge, and what is the hardest thing to do when you are busy all the time?

    Thanks for comment on my blog post about energy. I appreciated your comment.

  8. I, too, love the alone time, especially on shorter runs.

    And I'm pretty certain that those people in the pic live here in Frostburgg.