Life and M&Ms

So while I can allegedly hold out for Mindf*ck, I cannot apparently make the same claim about Life (or M&Ms1). Life has gotten in the way of my running the last few days, and the whole "marathon training plan" has looked a lot more like "paint the entire effing house, eat Dairy Queen, host impromptu visitors, forget about cooking, and don't even think you'll have time to run, sister."

So since Life had other plans for me last week, I ended up taking 4 whole days off running. In a row. (Not even a nice long walk or hike to bridge the gap!) I know!!!! I am choosing to pretend that I was actually just resting up for the next few hard (mileage-building, back-to-the-track-workout-type) weeks I've got coming. And house painting (the kind where you hang off a 32-foot ladder and oh-so-carefully paint the entire exterior of the house...with a brush) is cross-training, right? Well, now that the interior painting is done and the house put back together, and the exterior is 80% (...ok maybe 70% done, hubs gets the rest), I am back to the training plan. Today that started off with a nice, brisk 4.4 mile-morning run. The weather was actually quite chilly and fall-like--I even wore a long-sleeve, something I haven't done since about March--and made me salivate in anticipation for the upcoming fall running season. My gawd, but how I love to run in the fall!

1 - I guess Life hadn't quite released his grip on me yet today, as a busy morning resulted in me forgetting my lunch and midday snacks and thus forcing me to supplement with a gyro and approximatly 5.4 pounds of peanut butter M&Ms. Peanut butter is a power food though, right?


  1. Mmmmm Peanut Butter M&M's....

    Honestly, I say good for you for giving yourself a break and getting life squared away.

    P.S. What is fall? Did you mean when it's still 90 degrees here? LOL!

  2. Balancing off a 32ft ladder is DEFINITE cross-training. Aren't your arms in pain?

  3. Peanut Butter M&M's - Oh hell yeah!

  4. M&Ms of any sort are like crack. Crack, I tell ya! Good luck with the upcoming. Omaha will be here before you know it. :o)

  5. You guys are making me want more M&Ms right now! GAH!

    @joyRuN - yes my arms, shoulders, and generally my entire body is sore. After 2 day painting, my legs felt like I had actually done a long run. So naturally, I skipped it.

  6. Peanut butter M&Ms are a recovery food. Yum.